House of Mercier is a renowned fine arts dealer specializing in Latin American and Spanish original oils, acrylics and
mixed media paintings on canvas, as well as watercolors on paper. We represent the finest South American artists,
supplying one-of-a-kind artwork to galleries across North America. Styles run the gamut: from traditional to contemporary.

HOM has expanded its product line to include exceptional leather products. Our leather frames, leather furniture, and
leather accessories are all made of fine Peruvian material. Our company, along with its subsidiaries Raul Mercier Fine
Arts and Mertrade, is rapidly becoming the prime manufacturer and premier supplier of such exquisite selections. The
elegance, beauty, and durability of our hand-made leather collections are uncompromising. The leather wrapped
frames are made with Peruvian craftsmanship that is vastly becoming appreciated by discerning collectors.

Raul Mercier and Andres Mercier are proud of their new selections, and guarantee the quality of every product they
offer. Let House of Mercier supply you with some of the finest original South American art collections to grace your
office or home. For the finest art in paintings, leather frames, furniture and accessories - turn to House of Mercier.

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